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Data Analysis

Our optimization team works side-by-side with our designers and developers to improve a variety of website elements, from A/B testing CTAs to improving page load speed, because the right solution won’t always be a simple SEO adjustment.

A Better Way to Measure Marketing

Remember algebra—and having to show your work? The reason your math teacher insisted on this is simple: the process of arriving at an answer is more valuable than is merely providing the correct answer. The same is true on the web. If you don’t know what you did last month to boost conversions and to grow traffic, how can you repeat it? Every task we implement is recorded, tracked, and compared with analytic data. This allows us, and the client, to perform data analysis to see which strategies work and which need improvement.

Improve website’s performance

You won’t meet too many agencies that proactively test and optimize site content regularly. Using our proprietary tracking tools and a variety of third-party resources (e.g., heat maps, scroll depth tracking, click-tracking overlays) to A/B test, we never stop improving our clients’ conversion rates and usability.


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