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What is PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a form of online advertising in which advertisers accrue costs when users click their ads. Advertisers bid on the perceived value of a click in relation to the keywords, platforms, and audience type in which it originates.

The Basics

PPC is used for all types of campaign goals, including:

  • Increasing sales
  • Generating leads
  • Promoting brand awareness

PPC is all about relevance. Users are searching for specific products, services, and information at any given time. Advertisers have the ability to show a targeted ad at the exact moment this search is occurring. 

Improve website’s performance

Web Troop has a rich experience of serving over 100 Clients and has a retention rate of over 96%. From Education to E-Commerce, Web Troop has covered almost all domains.

PPC Marketing

Web Troop help you to achieve your goals by means of paid advertising via Google Ads.
      If you want to promote in Digital Space and wants instant results, Google Ads is a wonderful tool to help one achieve their goals.
      Google Ads has products for all From Start-up’s to Well Established Business House, Search Advertising being the most used Ad Campaign.


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Unique Visitor

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Bounce Rate


Reach your customers who have already interacted with your website or used your app with remarketing campaigns.

Search Advertising

Explore Paid Search Ads / Text Ads with Google Search Ads. Only Pay when people click on your Ads from Google Ads.

Shopping Advertisement

Sell Your Products Online and Drive Traffic to your store by Google Shopping Ads.

Display Marketing

Promote your brand, products, & services on over 2.5 million websites and 500000 + apps with display and banner ads.


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